Rakhamim (Rami) Novakhovich Migirov (Meir)

My nationality is Mountain Jew. I was born on April 12, 1962 in Baku in the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. I am a third-generation Bakuvian, born and grown up in the Jewish quarter of the city.

1968Preschool years

School days and personal development

From 1969 to 1977 I had been studying at eight-year school number 24 then I got secondary education at school number 8 of Baku (1977-1979). During the school years I was acquiring a profession of inlay joiner making inlaid panels. Like other true Bakuvians, at the age of 11-12 I enrolled in guitar & piano course and that is where my musical creativity has begun.

Furthermore, at that period I started to write my first poems, which I dedicated to my beloved mother.

In 1979-1981 I got a degree in «art and hammered jewellery».

1977Senior school

Military service in the Soviet Army

From 1981 to 1983 I and my younger brother Binyamin were drafted into the ranks of Soviet Army. I served in Moscow, Tsaritsyno district. At that time important events happened in my creativity life.

Having learnt my profession the officership ordered me to make a large national emblem of the Soviet Union. Afterwards, a new appointment was introduced – regimental chiseller – and I took it up. I was given a workshop to continue working. As a result, during the military service about 40 works of art were made by me.

1982With my comrades in arms

Emigration to Israel

In 1990 I emigrated to Israel with two little children. The new life started: I began getting new education, learning language and developing new skills.

1990My two children and my friend’s son during the emigration

Youth years. Spiritual formation

In my youth the idea to become familiar with the religions of different nations and confessions came to my mind. I studied the Quran, the Old and New Testaments, Torah, Hindu and Greek mythology, the works of king Solomon and Kabbalah. In order to read the original texts of the Saint Books I decided to learn ancient languages. Thanks to that I discovered my new creativity – writing poems and parables, that I’m engaged in my free time.

1993Golan Heights, Israel

First compositions

Once in the 2000s when I worked as a restaurant manager I greatly desired to perform songs to my poems, so I asked about it musical ensemble and soon the first compositions were recorded.

2006“Memorial monument to victims of repression”, Moscow


Being happily involved in creativity, I would like to share it with you today. And I would be delighted if you get touched with it!

2018A Photo session for the music album “Vanity of vanities”